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bacon cheese sausage ham green pepper onion mushroom tomato bagel egg white BAGEL with JELLY ENGLISH MUFFIN with JELLY with cream CHEESE HASHBROWN

OMELETTE any three bacon cheese sausage ham gyro corned beef green pepper onion mushroom tomato FRENCH FRIES CHILI FRIES Combine fries with any sub sandwich platters SWEET POTATO FRIES


Select your BREAD pick your MEAT choose your SPREADS wish your CHEESE and DRESS it up BREADS white wheat rye pumpernickel multi grain 8" 8 inch sub roll kaiser roll pita bagel english muffin wrap                  

MEATS pastrami roast beef Homemade corned beef Homemade pork bbq beef BBQs salami spicy ham ham turkey breast gyro meatball hotdog bacon chicken fillet mesquite chicken turkey bacon angus burger veggie burger sausage pepperoni liverwurst homemade oven roast turkey SPREADS yellow mustard mayo ketchup worcestershire sauce house dressing sweet relish hot sauce sauerkraut hot brown deli mustard horseradish CHEESES American provolone swiss brie blue cheese feta cheddar DRESS IT UP lettuce tomato onion green pepper black olive jalapenos cucumber crushed pepper carrot pepperoncini banana pepper 708 HERO HOAGIE ITALIAN COLD CUT SUB Salami spicy ham crushed pepper cheese lettuce tomato onion house dressing or mayo CLASSIC CLUB TURKEY OR HAM OR Roast beef swiss cheese bacon 3 slices toast a bag of café chips

REMAX COMBINATION roast beef turkey ham salami swiss cheese lettuce tomato hot mustard mayo FRENCH SUB cold or hot with brie salami butter mustard TURKEY BREAST SANDWICH HOME MADE OVEN ROAST TURKEY BREAST ROAST BEEF SANDWICH LIVERWURST SANDWICH

CHICKEN SALAD SANDWICH HOME MADETUNA SALAD SANDWICH HAM SANDWICH SALAMI SANDWICH MOCO SHRIMP SALAD SAND VEGETARIAN LAKEFOREST EGG SALAD HOMEMAD SANDWICH BLT CHEESE SANDWICH American swiss longhorn provolone cheese DANISH SUB ham blue cheese lettuce tomato onion GREEK SUB HOME MADE pork roast feta lettuce tomato onion pepperoncini house dressing RUEBEN veggie RUEBEN VEGAN RUEBEN TURKEY Rueben corned beef Rueben Home Made corned beef with sauerkraut melted swiss russian dressing rye CORNED BEEF rye with spicy mustard Café PASTRAMI rye with spicy mustard KOSHER STYLE corned beef pastrami ANGUS BURGER Fries Kaiser Roll CARIBBEAN SUB ham Home Made pork roast swiss provolone BBQ beef bbq pork GYRO seasoned lamb seasoned platter pita with tzatziki sauce CHEESE STEAK SUB chicken steak sub Angus Beef sub VEGGIE BURGER vegan burger vegan sandwich vegan dishes 

MEATBALL CHEESE SUB CHICKEN FILLET grilled chicken fillet chili con carne CHILI Home Made chili KOSHER HOT DOG SUB ROLL PIZZA PEPPERONI CHICKEN PARMESAN SUB FISH FILLET CHICKEN SALAD PLATTER TUNA SALAD PLATTER SHRIMP SALAD PLATTER TOSSED SALAD ANTIPASTO TACO SALAD COBB SALAD GREEK SALAD CHEF’S SALAD MESQUITE CHICKEN CAESAR SALAD FOUNTAIN DRINKS COFFEE TEA HOT CHOCOLATE ICED TEA un-sweetened  chicken salad platter tuna salad platter shrimp salad platter tossed salad antipasto salad taco salad cob salad greek salad chef salad mesquite chicken salad caesar salad rueben corned beef pastrami kosher style angus burger caribbean sub bbq platter gyro chicken cheese steak sub steak and cheese sub veggie burger meatball and cheese sub chicken fillet soup chili kosher hot dog sub roll pizza chicken parmesan sub fish fillet hoagie italaian cold cut sub classic club remax combination french sub turkey breast sandwich roast beef sandwich liverwurst sandwich chicken salad sandwich tuna salad sandwich ham sandwich salami sandwich shrimp salad sandwich vegetarian sandwich egg salad blt cheese sandwich danish sub greek sub scrambled egg bagel English muffin omelette sunny side up eggs seasoned fries sweet potato fries onion ring buffalo wings hummus vegan burger vegan menu


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